University Records Collections


Collection numbers link to a PDF version of the finding aid, if available. Please check with archives staff if you are looking for specific information, since events and facts can be documented in a number of different ways. Also, we receive new collections periodically; unprocessed collections will not be included here. If you are looking for books or theses by title or author, check the Primo Library Search system for the call number.

University Records Collections - URC


Collection #           Collection Title                                                                                                                    


URC 1                     New Bedford Institute of Technology Board of Trustees, 1895-1964

URC 2                     Bradford Durfee College of Technology Board of Trustees, 1899 -1964

URC 3                     SMU Board of Trustees Minutes, 1960-1991.

URC 4                     SMU, Student Papers, 1935-1976

URC 5                     SMTI, Textile Student Design Work, Lecture Notes and Pattern Books, 1906-1968

URC 6                     UMD Office of the Chancellor (Peter Hollon Cressy), Records, 1975-1997

URC 7                     SMU Office of the President (Donald Ezzell Walker), Records, 1956-1983

URC 8                     SMU Office of the President (Joseph Leo Driscoll), Records, 1962-1971

URC 9                     UMD Office of the Chancellor (Joseph Charles Deck), Records, 1987-1993

URC 10                   UMD Office of the Chancellor (John Russell Brazil), Records, 1984-1992

URC 11                   SMU Office of the President (William Curran Wild, Jr.), Records, 1983-1984

URC 12                   UMD Office of Facilities and Physical Plant, Architectural Plans, 1913-1994

URC 13                   UMD Course Syllabi, 1967-1995

URC 14                   UMD Library, Records, 1947-present

URC 15                   UMD Library Audio Visual Department,  Audio recordings, 1966-present

URC 16                   UMD Library Photographics Department, Recordings, 1970s-present

URC 17                   UMD Commencement and Baccalaureate Service, Records, 1903-present

URC 18                   New Bedford Institute of Technology, Newspaper Clippings, 1902-1964

URC 19                   Bradford Durfee Textile School, Student Records, 1904-1914

URC 20                   New Bedford Institute of Technology, Class Records, 1909-1968

URC 21                   SMTI Textile and Science Faculty Notes, 1895-1966

URC 22                   SMTI Textile Specimen Scrapbooks, ca. 1900-1960

URC 23                   Bradford Durfee Textile School, Newspaper clippings, 1910-1948

URC 24                   Office of News and Public Information, Records, 1965-present

URC 25                   UMD Faculty Senate, Records, 1965-present

URC 26                   UMD Alumni Association, Inc., Records, 1970-1992

URC 27                   UMD Music Department, Records, 1956-1992

URC 28                   Swain School of Design, Records

URC 29                   UMD Ora M. DeJesus Gerontology Center, Records, 1978-2001

URC 30                   UMD School for Marine Science and Technology (SMAST), Records, 1978-2003

URC 31                   UMD Office of the Director of the Campus Center, Records, 1973-2002

URC 32                   UMD Office of the Provost, Records, 1984-1996

URC 35                   UMD Institute for Health and Long Life, Records, 1975-1983

URC 36                   Viet Nam Veterans Against the War (VVAW), SMU Chapter, Records, 1971-1974

URC 37                   SMTI Faculty Association, Records, 1965-1973

URC 38                   Black Student Union Scrapbook, 1969-1991

URC 39                   Bradford Durfee College of Technology Surveys of Textile Education, 1957

URC 40                   UMD Family Business Center records, 1996-2003

URC 41                   Commonwealth of Massachusetts Board of Regents of Higher Education, minutes, 1981-1991

URC 42                   University of Massachusetts Board of Trustees, minutes, 1990-2003

URC 43                   UMD Library Photographics Department, video recordings, 1999-

URC 44                   UMD Publications Office, records

URC 45                   James L. Giblin, papers

URC 46                   Desmond and Lord Architects, UMD Library Construction Documents

URC 47                   Bradford Durfee College of Technology Alumni Association, 1953-1964

URC 49                   Sepps Firnkas Engineering, UMD construction documents, 1966-1969

URC 50                   Office of the Dean of Students (Donald Howard), Records,

URC 51                   University of Massachusetts Building Authority,

URC 52                   UMD Foundation, records

URC 53                   UMass Dartmouth at 40th, oral history recordings

URC 54                   UMass Dartmouth, NEASC Accreditation Self Study and Reports, 1964-present

URC 55                   UMD Faculty Federation, Committee for Women, 1982-2000

URC 56                   SMTI Board of Trustees and Massachusetts Division of Building Construction (Acquisition of Land files), 1960-1964

URC 57                   UMD Task Force on General Education, records

URC 58                   UMD Chapter of Sigma Xi

URC 59                   UMD Admissions Office, Enrollment Data, 1971-present

URC 60                   UMD Office of Facilities Planning

URC 61                   UMD Campus Directory

URC 62                   UMD Fiscal Affairs

URC 63                   UMD Center for Jewish Culture, Records, 1982-2011

URC 64                   College of Visual and Performing Arts, records,

URC 65                   UMD Charlton College of Business, records,

URC 66                   UMD Student Government Collection, 1953-2004 (bulk 1966-1993)

URC 67                   UMD Division of Continuing Education

URC 68                   UMD Centennial Committee, records, 1994-1997

URC 69                   UMD Chancellor’s office SNESL merger records, 1997-2007