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Claire T. Carney Library Renovation & Addition

Highlighted in American Libraries Magazine Library Design Showcase

Claire T. Carney Library Renovation & Addition Highlighted in American Libraries Magazine Library Design Showcase

The Carney Library is highlighted in the Library Design Showcase Section of American Libraries magazine Sept./Oct. 2013!

Color in the Library - New Works:

Colorful banners, a painting, outside library letter graphics on ramp, and fabric art

Banners hung from the ceiling, new art pieces, colorful lettering along library ramps and fabric art.

Before & After - Images at the opening of the new library addition:

Just for fun, check out a few of these before and after pictures and try to remember it as it was when you’re in the new space!

Library Plaque - What was outside is now inside!

What was outside, is now inside - Views of the Library Plaque, before and after.

Looking in from the 2nd floor entrance to the main library section of the building

Looking at the 2nd floor entrance to main section of library. You can see the differences, both inside and out.

Center of New Addition - Before & After (minus the green algae!

Remember the moldy cement seating just outside the library. Looks a little different now!

Looking North from the old library entrance - Before & After

Now if you can remember looking straight ahead when you came out of the old library entrance … well, now you’re still inside, right near the new Circulation service point.

Library Circulation Desks - Old and New!

And, speaking of the Access Services Circulation Desk … It’s now in the new space!

Walking on the new sidewalk walking towards the library from the Charlton College of Business

It’ll be a little different walking from the Charlton College of Business towards the new library entrance.

Library Extenstion From Southwest Angle - Old and New

It be a little different approaching the library from the other side too!

Looking Out of the middle of the new addition eastward

So I'm in the middle of the new addition looking out eastward? Wha ..?

West Side of Carney Library Looking South at New Exterior Metal Curtains

West Side of Carney Library Looking South at New Exterior Metal Curtains


Visions of the New Library:

September 2012 - Just Before the Opening...

South Reading Room - Just Before Opening

South Reading Room

Learning Commons - Just Before Opening

Learning Commons

Art Books on the Third Floor - Just Before Opening

Art Books and Workstation Area - 3rd Floor

Library Instruction and Computer Area

Grand Reading Room Being Setup


Past Library Expansion & Renovation News and Events:

Collage of pictures showing library construction

The Changing Scene.


Library Construction Collage of Bulldozers and Diggers

Can you dig it!



Claire T. Carney Library Building Changes in January 2012

Campus announcement on Dec. 12th, 2011 from:

Terrance BurtonDean of Library Services

Donna MassanoCIO and Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Technology


3 views of Library  Architectural Design Redenrings

Take a look at what is to come. Behold the design renderings by designLAB architects/Austin Architects.

Images of temporary wooden side entrance and temp Circulation Desk


Changes, Changes, Changes: The New Library Entrance and Circulation Desk Revisted

The library renovation and expansion project is well underway. The most obvious changes are:

  • the new entrance to the library;
  • the outside stairs to the second floor have been removed;
  • the circulation desk has been moved and expanded;
  • and the four and fifth floors of the library are closed.

See the Library News Blog for more detailed information on these changes.

Construction of the expanded and renovated library is underway!

Services, collections and staff have been consolidated to floors 1-3 and a portion of the lower level. A new temporary entrance has been created on the first floor. During construction, there will be some inconvenience but we are doing everything possible to minimize it under the circumstances. There will be several phases of construction.  Services, collections and staff will be relocated during each of these phases. The end result will be a state of the art facility at the heart of the campus. Expected completion is set forFall 2012.

Isn’t it fantastic?

For more details and information ...

Books on the Move Project - COMPLETED!

Library Poster image - Book Move Complete!


The first phase of the library book move is complete!

  • A core collection of reference and general books is located on the 1st and 2nd floors.
  • Other books are located at the UMass Law Library.
  • Journals are located on the 3rd floor of the Carney Library.

Phase 2 will take place during the winter of 2011 - 2012

For more details and information ...

Books on the Move - April 2011

The library construction and renovation project is underway! In April, the core book collection will be relocated to shelving on the 1st and 2nd floors. The law library will also hold some books from the Claire T. Carney Library for the duration of the construction project. All of these books will be available for browsing and borrowing. The remainder of the book collection will be moved to off site storage for the duration of the project. The last day when the entire collection will be available in the Claire T. Carney Library building is April 3, 2011. (more info ...)

  Library Poster Image - Books on the Move!

For more details and information ...

Join us for a presentation on 

the Claire T. Carney Library 

expansion and renovation project 

– Wednesday October 13 at noon

Come hear the architects from

designLab and Austin Architects 

make a presentation on this the

library's $43 million expansion 

and renoveation project


Collage of pictures of African Drum Celebration of Beginning of Library Building Project

African drumming opens celebration of beginning of Library Expansion Renovation Project

Sites of Interest About the Project:

UMass Dartmouth Library Expansion & Renovation Plans

Library Renovation sketch - East Facade

The $43 million expansion and renovation of the Claire T. Carney Library is now underway. This will be a multiphase project that will greatly enhance the user experience of the building. The library will be bright and spacious with a variety of different spaces to accommodate the learning styles of different people. It will be the center of campus learing, discourse and scholarship. The basic concrete structure designed by architect Paul Rudolf will remain but the "new" library will be one that is designed to meet the current and future needs of the learning community.


Library Renovation Sketch - Library South Side

The library is redesigned to support collaborative learning in numerous ways including formal and informal group study spaces, an expanded Learning Commons, an enhanced Scholarly Commons, a cafe and improved access to collections. A new state of the art reading room and presentation area as well as smaller technology enhanced spaces will be available. Spaces will be provided to showcase important academic initiatives. The library will be a center for academic and scholarly pursuits, social interaction and special events.


Library Sketch - Group Study Room


The mechanical systems of the building will also be improved. The elevators, electrical, heating and cooling and plumbing systems will be replaced. Windows will also be replaced where possible. This will provide greater energy efficiency for the building.

The library will remain open during the construction and renovation but there will be interruptions in services and some inconveniences. Collections and staff will require temporary relocation during the project. Disruption will be kept to the lowest level possible.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this time.


Vision: The Library as Place

Description: Library Expansion - The New Browsing Area

"The University Library is at the center of campus discourse, learning, and scholarship. With the addition of the space that connects the Library to Group II its welcoming presence is more humansized, more open. Although the basic concrete structure is there as Paul Rudolph designed it, the library is a beguiling mixture of action, color, and real life captured in the moment all visible as you approach either from the inner or outer campuses."



Suggestions or questions related to the Library's renovation plans? Send them in ...


Library Archives & Special Collections

The library's renovation and expansion planning included the Archives & Special Collectionsdivision. This part of the plan has been completed with the new Archives and Special Collections opening celebrated on September 18, 2009. Archives & Special Collections has a unique mission of preserving access to records created by the university faculty, staff, administrators and students, as well as manuscript collections which document the history of the people, industry and institutions of southeastern Massachusetts. It also maintains a reference and rare book collection.

Early Library Archives Architect Plan Drawing

Archives & Special Collections is one of the university's centers of excellence. The Archive's include the records of the two 19th century textile schools, the New Bedford Institute of Technology and the Bradford Durfee College of Technology, that combined to form the university and special collections of Portuguese, Cape Verdean, Franco-American, Italian and Jewish, and personal and family papers of important local individuals, such as Earl P. Charlton, one of the founders of F.W. Woolworth, and Fall River born state senator Mary L. Fonseca. The Archives is also home to the world-renowned Robert F. Kennedy Assasination Archives.


Library Archives - Architects Drawing of Entrance

 Ferreira-Mendes Portuguese American Archives

A focal part of the plan was the construction of the Ferreira-Mendes Portuguese American Archives and the renovation of the University Archives & Special Collection.

Accessible, Comfortable, Environmentally Sound, and Secure

The newly renovated space includes a reception area, staff offices, exhibition room, storage with compact shelving, a processing room and an attractive reading room. The addition of appropriate security and climate controls insure that the expanded and updated archives is an environmentally sound and secure facility.

Library Archives Architects Drawing of Reading Room