Library Mission Statement

As the largest information center in southeastern Massachusetts the Library will support the academic programs, and cooperate with extracurricular activities and community organizations to the extent material and human resources allow, to carry out the University of Massachusetts mission to support access, excellence, innovation, economic development, public service and quality of life.

ACCESS: Providing affordable access to information within and beyond the library to enhance the research, study and teaching opportunities of a diverse community. Offering a quality environment for pursuing self-education and discovery as part of the social and intellectual experience of a UMass Dartmouth education.

EXCELLENCE: Offering breadth and depth of resources in all formats, personalized service in locating, evaluating and effectively using library/media resources and distinguished instructional programs to teach library users to think critically about information.

INNOVATION: Incorporating new technologies and services to help administration, faculty, students and community users discover, create and disseminate knowledge.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Creating collaborative programs among the University Library staff, faculty and business, labor and human services to educate the present and future workforce in the vital connections between appropriate and timely information and sound economic decision-making.

PUBLIC SERVICE: Maintaining and developing resource-sharing and library education efforts between the UMass Dartmouth and other libraries while continuing to strengthen service to the K-12 educational community, social service agencies and the general public.

QUALITY OF LIFE: Stimulating the intellectual and cultural growth of the campus and region by providing excellent facilities, equipment and technical expertise to create and support outstanding collections, programs and exhibits.

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