Borrowing Policy

Eligible Borrowers:

All faculty, staff and currently registered students of UMass Dartmouth are eligible upon presentation of a valid UMass Pass.  They are not eligible for Special Borrowers' cards.

Non-registered students finishing an incomplete are also eligible. They must provide a written or e-mailed approval of the professor under whose guidance the work is being done, along with the presentation of a valid UMass Pass.

UMD alumni with current Alumni Association cards, issued by the Alumni Office.

Registered students, faculty and staff of member institutions of cooperating consortia: BLC (Boston Library Consortium) upon presentation of a current BLC card; SACHEM (Southeastern Association for Cooperating Higher Education Institutions in Massachusetts); SMCL (Southeastern Massachusetts Cooperating Libraries); WILL (Walk-In InterLibrary Loan -- includes all MA state colleges and universities.) Patrons must present current ID cards from their respective institutions or a picture ID, such as a driver's license, and a current printed class schedule. If someone wishes to borrow library materials but is not on the list, he/she may apply for a Special Borrower's card as a Massachusetts resident.

Individuals from out of state or Massachusetts residents who need to borrow more than the usual limit of 5 books may join the UMD Library Associates for an annual fee of $20.00. This entitles the patron to borrow up to 20 items.

Residents of Massachusetts 18 years and older may obtain a Special Borrower's card with proper identification, such as a driver's license or another photo ID and a copy of a bill with their name and address on it.  There are no annual fees for Massachusetts residents.

High school students in grades 9-12 who are residents of Massachusetts may also obtain a Special Borrowers' card with proper identification as listed above.  However, a parent or guardian must be present at time of application and must sign the application accepting responsibility for all overdue fines, and lost item fees.

All Special Borrowers must be individuals, not organizations or groups and are required to provide a valid email address upon applying for a library card. 

There is a $2 replacement fee for lost library cards for all Special Borrowers.

ALL library patrons, no matter what their status, must not have any overdue library materials/equipment or outstanding fines/fees in order to have borrowing privileges.

Types of Material Which May Be Borrowed:

  • Annual reports
  • Audio books
  • Books from the general collection and compact storage (CS001 and CS007)
  • New books on display
  • CD-ROM's
  • Compact discs
  • DVD’s
  • Government documents
  • Maps
  • Slide sets
  • Kits
  • UMD theses (copy 2 only)
  • Videotapes

Several types of materials are for Library use only, including Reference books, periodicals, and Archives & Special Collections materials.

Types of Audio/Visual Equipment Which May Be Borrowed:

AV equipment is available for use by current UMD faculty, staff, students and student organizations.  Requests may be made at the Circulation Desk on a first come, first served basis.  Availability is limited. Valid identification (UMass Pass) is required.  This service is not available to any Special Borrowers or organizations.  The types of AV equipment are:

  • Audio recorder, digital
  •  Audiocassette recorders
  • Calculators
  • Camcorders - digital
  • Cameras - digital
  • Cell phone charger
  • Data video projector
  • Document cameras
  •  DVD players
  • Headphones
  • Laptops with power cord
  • Laser pointers
  • MAC adaptors
  • Microphones for classroom use
  • Portable PA system
  • Screens
  • Tripods

Item Limit:

  • UMass Dartmouth community: All UMD students, whether undergraduate or graduate, may borrow up to thirty (30) items. Faculty and staff may borrow up to fifty (50) items.
  • Other colleges and universities: Any student from one of the member institutions may borrow up to ten (10) items.
  • UMass Dartmouth Alumni: Alumni from the UMass Dartmouth Alumni Association have a limit of twenty (20) items.
  • Claire T. Carney Library Associates: Members of the Library Associates have a limit of twenty (20) items.
  • Massachusetts Residents/Special Programs: All residents of Massachusetts and any participants in UMass Dartmouth special programs have a limit of five (5) items.

Length of Loan:

  • Students/Claire T. Carney Library Associates/Special Borrowers/Alumni: Books should be returned as soon as they are no longer needed and are due thirty days after they are borrowed. Participants in special programs are limited by the length of the program.
  • Faculty/Staff/Graduate Students: Books should be returned as soon as they are no longer needed and are due the last day of the semester.

AV materials have different loan periods for all borrowers:

  • Videotapes, compact discs, DVD’s, slides, and books and theses with media and audiocassette sets such as Books on Tape may be borrowed for thirty days.
  • CD-ROM's that accompany library books may be loaned for the same length of time as the book, either 30 days or a semester loan, depending on the borrower's status.

AV equipment and laptops are due one hour before the circulation desk closes on the same day the equipment is borrowed.


Books and other library materials may be renewed one time either in person or by telephone, as long as no one else has requested them and the items are not overdue. For more information, refer to the fine section of this policy. At the end of the semester, students must be registered for the coming term in order to renew library materials.

Reserve material, AV equipment and laptops may not be renewed.


Materials may be recalled for use by UMD students, faculty and staff any time after the first fourteen days of the loan. All library materials needed for Reserve can be recalled at any time. After a recall notice has been sent, all patrons have one week to return the material or a fine of one dollar ($1.00) per day will commence, up to a maximum of $50.00. If a library borrower does not return the item within ten days, he/she will be sent a bill that includes the fine up to the date of the bill and a ten dollar ($10.00) non-refundable processing fee. If the item is not returned, the daily fine will continue to accrue up to the maximum of fifty dollars ($50.00). Recall fees apply to all library patrons, including UMD faculty, staff and administrators.

Library Courtesy Notices/Borrowing Activity Letters:

All library material, equipment and laptops have a due date stamped on the due date slip attached to the item, notifying the borrower when the item is due.  When materials become overdue, borrowing privileges are suspended.  Non-receipt of an overdue notice does not remove responsibility for returning library materials.  Both Courtesy notices and Borrowing Activity letters are sent out via email. 

  • Courtesy notices are sent one day before the due date.
  • Borrowing Activity Letters are sent out via email on the 2nd of each month.  Included in the Borrowing Activity Letters are current loans with due dates, overdue loans with due dates and amount of fine due as of the date of notice, and lost item replacement fees.

Once a fine reaches five dollars ($5.00), a hold will be placed in COIN for all students withholding degrees, transcripts and registrations until all financial obligations are met. The Library reserves the right to deny all borrowing privileges to borrowers with outstanding charges.

Overdue Fines:

  • Books: A twenty-five cent ($.25) per day per item fine is charged, with a maximum of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per book.
  • AV Materials: A fine of twenty-five cents ($.25) per day per item is charged, with a maximum of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per item.
  • AV Equipment and Laptops: Fines amounts vary depending on type of equipment.  Fines are charged by the hour for each hour the item is overdue including overnight hours.  Fines range from one dollar ($1.00) to ten ($10.00) per hour with maximum fines ranging from fifty dollars ($50.00) to five hundred dollars ($500.00)
  • Reserve items: A $1.00 per hour fine is charged, with a maximum of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per item.

Fines may be cut in half for general collection, storage collection books and AV material only if they are paid in full when the items are returned during the current semester in which they were due.  AV equipment and Reserve item fines will not be cut in half.

There will be no waivers or amnesty periods.

Lost or Damaged Materials/Equipment:

If any library material or equipment is damaged or is lost, the patron is billed for the replacement cost of the material plus any fines.  If the lost material is found within thirty (30) days after the charges have been paid, a refund of the replacement cost only will be given.  Refunds are not immediate. They will be generated through the University Business Office.

Replacement Costs:


  • One hundred dollars ($100.00)

Government publications/Maps

  • Fifteen dollars ($15.00)

AV materials

  • • Fifteen dollars ($15.00) for individual audiocassettes.
  • • Twenty dollars ($20.00) for music CD's and CD-ROM’s
  • • Thirty dollars ($30.00) for popular videotapes
  • • Fifty dollars ($50.00) for popular DVD’s
  • • Seventy-five dollars ($75.00) for slide sets
  • • One hundred dollars ($100.00) for kits (realia), books on tape (cassette or CD’s)
  • • One hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) for educational videotapes or DVD’s

AV equipment and laptops

If audio/visual equipment or laptops are damaged or lost, the patron is billed for the replacement cost of the equipment plus any fines.

  • Art pen    $     30.00
  • Audio Recorder, digital  $   240.00
  • Audio Recorder case   $     15.00
  • Audiocassette recorders  $   100.00  
  • Calculators    $   150.00
  • Camcorder case    $     50.00
  • Camcorders – digital   $   900.00
  • Camcorders – VHS   $   600.00
  • Cameras - digital   $   170.00
  • Camera case    $     25.00
  • Cell phone charger   $     20.00
  • Data video projector   $   800.00
  • Data video projector case  $     75.00
  • Document Cameras   $ 1200.00
  • DVD players    $   150.00
  • Extension cords   $     10.00
  • Headphones    $     30.00
  • Laptop     $ 1800.00
  • Laptop case    $     75.00 
  • Laptop power cord   $     30.00
  • Laser pointers    $     50.00
  • MAC adaptors    $     30.00
  • Portable PA system   $   350.00
  • Portlet power units   $   550.00
  • Screens    $   250.00
  • Tripods    $   200.00
  • Touch Tablet     $   175.00
  • Touch Tablet case   $     25.00
  • USB Stereo Headphones w/mic $     35.00
  • White board markers   $     20.00

The library reserves the right to add/withdraw equipment and update replacement fees at any time.  However, the policy will be reviewed annually and revised if needed.

Last Revised: January 2018