Study & Work Spaces in the Library

Maps & Descriptions of Study Spaces - See also full Library Floor Directory and Floor Maps.

NOTE: Students may reserve some group study rooms through the library's room reservation system.

Library 1st Floor

The first floor houses several library services (Circulation Desk, Learning Commons Desk - which includes Reference and Corsair Tech help), so there are plenty of people to get help from!

  • The Learning Commons & Computer Lab (Room 128) are mixed-use spaces for students to work individually and together at computer workstations. There is a Mediascape Station in the corner of the Lower Learning Commons that may be reserved. This is a large screen with a table and chairs for groups to create or review a presentation together.
  • Room 128 is available for individual use when it is not being used by classes and for presentations (see schedule outside door).
  • Room 127 is a group study room that can be reserved.
  • Room 135 is used for training sessions during the day and at night the Multiliteracy Communication Center offers tutoring help.
  • The Grand Reading Room is the main event area in the Claire T. Carney Library and, though very busy, is open for study when not in use for events.
  • The South Reading Room and Grand Reading Room (when not in use) are the best places for quiet study.
  • The Library Living Room is a great place to socialize or work if you don’t need silence.

Library 1st Floor - Study Areas

Library 2nd Floor

  • The Scholarly Commons is located on our 2nd floor. This space is particularly good for groups needing to work together at a computer. Individual and small group (2-3 people) study spaces are behind several glass partitions surrounding the Scholarly Commons. Workstations for people with laptops are on the south end of the floor. There is a Mediascape Station located in the corner near the Amphitheater-side, which may be used by groups and reserved.
  • The balcony to the Grand Reading Room (218) is a great place to study if there are no events going on in the room below.
  • Located on the center of the floor are two computer labs (225 and 226) that can be used when classes or events are not scheduled for the area (see schedules posted outside rooms).
  • Room 217 is a group study room that may be reserved.
  • Room 228 is the Digital Scholarship Hub.
  • There are offices for the Honors Program, Faculty Development, CITS Instructional Development, and Library Information Services (Reference Librarians!) on this floor.


Library 3rd Floor

  • The Library 3rd floor contains book and journal collections for Music, Art, and Language & Literature Books (Collection Call Numbers: M, N, and P).
  • Group study rooms are available for use (and may be reserved) on the east and west ends of the floor.
  • Around the edges of the floor near the windows are individual study spaces. Group tables are interspersed throughout the collection shelving stacks on this floor.
  • Meeting Room 314 is located near the "back" stairway on the south side of the floor. Students may use this room to work in if there are no meetings scheduled (see posted schedule outside the room).
  • The Graduate Student Study Space is in room 306.
  • The Veterans' Reading Room (354) is also located on the south side of the floor and is designated as a quiet study, work, and relaxation space that is open to only veterans and service members.

Library 4th Floor

There are no library work or study spaces for students on the 4th floor. This floor contains offices for both library and CITS staff. If you are having problems with your computer or laptop that cannot be fixed at the Learning Commons, you may be referred to the CITS Service Center, which is in Room 440.

Library 5th Floor

  • The library 5th floor contains the library's general book collection (Collection Call Numbers: A-L; Q-Z), journals, theses and dissertations, and the curriculum collection.
  • Group study tables are available for use on the east and west ends of the floor.
  • Around the edges of the floor near the windows are individual study spaces.
  • Group tables are interspersed throughout the collection shelving stacks on this floor.
  • While this tends to be a quieter floor, it is NOT designated quiet space.

Library 5th Floor - Group Study Areas