Logo of SMTIUniversity Records Collections – URC - Records created by employees or entities of the university and its predecessor schools. University records date from 1895 to the present, and represent a wide range of administrations, offices and organizations on campus. Most importantly, we preserve the records of the board of trustees of SMTI, SMU and predecessor schools.This is the official record of UMD's history.

 Image of the cover of Howard Glasser's Hamish Henderson interview. Manuscript Collections – MC - Manuscript collections are those collected, compiled or created by from individuals and groups in the local community, such as those in the Portuguese American Archives or the Archives of the Center for Jewish Culture. Under manuscript collections is the Robert F. Kennedy Assassination Archives Collection, the most complete collection of documents relating to this crime's investigation and Sirhan Sirhan’s court trial.

 New Bedford Textile School color postcard, 1919 Photographic Collections – PC - Archives and Special Collections has over 15,000 photographs and postcards. Most are in the Photographic Collections (click on link above for list), but many are in scrapbooks, and are therefore located within the records of an organization or individual.

 Photograph of an SMTI cheerleader's patch in the shape of a bullhorn Artifacts Collection - The Archives has a sizeable collection of artifacts, which include textile samples and equipment, pennants and logo items. A complete list may be viewed in the Archives reading room.

Digital Archives Collections

The Digital Archives Collections of the UMass Dartmouth Claire T. Carney Library Archives and Special Collections.   This site features materials drawn from a variety of sources, including the Ferreira-Mendes Portuguese-American Archives, the Schooner Ernestina-Morrissey Archives, the Archives of the Center for Jewish Culture, the UMass Dartmouth Historical Archives, the Howard T. Glasser Archives of Folk Music and Letter Arts, the Papers of Congressman Barney Frank, and the Robert F. Kennedy Assassination Archives.  We continue to add to this site, making more of our materials available online to the public, so please check back frequently.

Oral History Collections

SMU and now UMD faculty and students over the years have participated in a number of oral history projects pertaining to the peoples and history of southeastern, Massachusetts, and in particular, New Bedford and Fall River.  In 1981 Carol Marlin and Professor Robert Waxler interviewed leaders in the Jewish community, beginning with Fisher Abramson. This collection, which numbers over 300 interviews is the New Bedford/Fall River Jewish Community oral history project.  This oral history project is now in its fourth decade. Interviewees include Bertha Leen, Samuel Ades, Roberta Barnet, Edward Morse, Morris Sederholm, Phyllis Mayer and Janet Freedman. At least 72 of the interviews are of noted women leaders of the community. 

Other early oral history projects were the New Bedford Textile Strike of 1928, interviews by students of history professor Martin Butler (on the Fall River line and railroads), the Portuguese Oral History Project, the French-Canadian Oral History Project, Dartmouth Natural Resources Trust , Trials and Triumph:  UMass Dartmouth Turns 40, New Bedford Fishermen Project,

Oral history projects are classified as collections and given an MC number.  In some cases, individual interviews will be included in the Library's catalog PRIMO.