Historical Tour of Jewish New Bedford

Tour Outline

Text and pictures by Cindy Yoken, Co-director, Center for Jewish Culture and Judy Farrar, Archives and Special Collections Librarian, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Library, © 2005.

Project sponsored by

United Way of Greater New Bedford 
Community Building Mini-Grants Program
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Library and the Center for Jewish Culture

AMechaber.jpg Tour starts

TourGu6.jpg Downtown

TourGu7.jpg Peckham West

TourGu8.jpg South End

Ahavath Achim
Original Tifereth Israel
Jewish Community Center
Segall Square
New Ahavath Achim
Kaplan Square
Temple Sinai

North End North End

Chesed Shel Emes
Clasky Common Park

West End West End

New Tifereth Israel
Jewish Convalescent Home
Jewish War Memorial
Holocaust Memorial

Cohen Square Dartmouth

Cohen Square

Historical Topics Historical Topics

Hebrew Education
Social and Charitable Organizations
Jewish Service in the World Wars



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