New Tifereth Israel

Tifereth Israel Synagogue on Brownell Avenue

New Tifereth Israel at Buttonwood Park

In 1966, more than 800 people attended the dedication ceremonies at the new Tifereth Israel Synagogue as the Torah scrolls were transferred from the old building on Sixth Street.Rabbi Ziskind offered the benediction assisted by Cantor Charles Freedland and the synagogue choir.Samuel Ades, building campaign chairman, lit the Eternal Light. Philip Barnet, chairman of the building committee, presented the keys of the new synagogue to Alvin Shwartz, President and Dr. Nelson Portnoy, Vice-president. Ruth Ades was then President of the Sisterhood. Louis R. Liss, who served on the Board of Directors and was one of the Vice-Presidents of Tifereth Israel, actually bought the land that the synagogue is on, even though it’s attributed to someone else. He negotiated the land and bought it for $10,000. He was responsible for changing the design of the roof of the building.

From the Jewish Convalescent Home, continue up Hawthorn Street, one block past Rockdale Avenue and Buttonwood Park, to Tifereth Israel on the corner of Brownell and Hawthorn Streets.

Another view of the New Tifereth Israel

Rabbi Bernard Ziskind was the first rabbi in the new building.After him, Rabbi Gluck came to New Bedford. Rabbi Bernard Glassman presided from 1990 to 1995; from 1995 to 1998 Rabbi Moshe Ulmer was interim rabbi; the present rabbi is Raphael Kanter and the cantor is Nathaniel Schudrich.The building houses the main sanctuary, a chapel dedicated to the former members of the North End synagogue, Chesed Shel Emes, a library and a gift shop, and the Bernard H. Ziskind Hebrew School. The Jewish Federation of Greater New Bedford also has its office here.There are 2 services every day. For information call 508-997-3171. In 2016 the congregation celebrates its 50th anniversary in the building.

Rabbi Raphael Kanter

Rabbi Raphael Kanter

Cantor Nathaniel Schudrich

Cantor Nathaniel Schudrich

Fundraising Postcard 

1964 fundraising postcard 

Philip Barnet, chair of the building committee,right, as he appeared in the 1966 dedication book.

Philip Barnet, chair of the building committee, right, as he appeared in the 1966 dedication book.

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