Care & Handling Guidelines

Please observe the following when using materials housed in this room: Most of the rare books in this room are valuable and irreplaceable. ALL of the original records created by offices of the University (including SMTI, SMU, Bradford Durfee, New Bedford Textile and the Swain School) as well as materials in manuscript collections are UNIQUE and irreplaceable.

  • In other words, copies exist no where else.

To ensure that items in this room last a long time, and that others can benefit from the information they contain, PLEASE HANDLE THEM WITH CARE.

  • Make sure hands are clean
  • Use only one folder at a time.
  • Avoid bending and tearing pages
  • Never fold a document
  • Do not place notebooks or other items on top of documents or rare books to avoid soiling paper
  • Keep photographs upright
  • Place folder contents back in the exact same order in the folder and in the box
  • Use only pencil when taking notes
  • Wear gloves when handling unmounted photographs unless enclosed in Mylar sleeves
  • NO FOOD OR DRINK in the Archives, and especially anywhere in the vicinity of rare books or documents
  • Refer all requests for photocopying to the Archives Staff