Fee schedule for duplication


10 cents per page
No charge for copies made of university
records used for internal administrative purposes
Appropriate postal charge will be assessed.

Fax surcharge

$5.00 for every 30 pages

Duplication of audio tapes*

$8.00 per tape plus postage for CD

Duplication of videotapes*

$10.00 per tape plus postage for DVD

Electronic Records

No charge, however, you must provide an email or storage media

Photographs - prints

$7.00 per print for general public
$5.00 per print for students
Prices include postage.


$2.50 general public; $1.00 for students


Delivery via Dropbox is free.  Patrons can also provide Archives with a thumb drive for free file.  Otherwise, it is
$10.00 plus postage

Publication processing/copyright fee for commercial use of scans or photographs, at the discretion of the Archives and Special Collections Librarian.

$25 per item per use

*No copies will be made for audio and video materials without clear copyright ownership by UMass Dartmouth, or confirmation of the requested.