RFK Assassination Archives

The Robert F. Kennedy Assassination Archives Collection

The Robert F. Kennedy Assassination Archives Collection is the world's largest, most complete compilation of materials relating to this event. Established in 1984, the archives contains thousands of copies of government documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act public disclosure process as well as manuscripts, photographs, audiotape interviews, video tapes, news clippings and research notes complied by journalists and other private citizens who have investigated discrepancies in the case.

The Robert F. Kennedy Assassination Archives, a collection within the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Archives and Special Collections, is open to the public. No material is restricted, however, we cannot supply copies of all items because of copyright law. Please consult the fee schedule for duplication of materials.

No appointment is necessary, but, it is advisable to call ahead if you are travelling from a distance. Please contact the Archivist Judy Farrar by e-mail with questions or comments.

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