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Image of the 1920-1921 catalogue cover which was student art work

Swain School began charging fees in 1921, although it still claimed to offer free tuition. The free tuition claim was dropped from the catalogues in 1933. For many years the cost was $60 per year for a full time student, and $20 for night school.

The 1921 catalog cover at left is student art work, designed by Flora Levesque.


Crapo Gallery built 1925
Crapo Gallery built 1925

The William F. Crapo Gallery was founded in 1925 to provide Swain students and the greater New Bedford community with an opportunity to view original exhibitions of art. The Georgian Revival gallery was a gift to the school fromthe Crapo family in memoryof William Wallace Crapo, oneof Swain’s original trustees. It was officially dedicated in 1927 and directly connected with the Swain homestead.


Drawing by student William Skiff who won several prizes in 1920

There were a series of annual prizes, and an annual exhibition of student work. Many works were pictured in the catalogues.


Drawing by student William Skiff, who won several prizes in 1920


Catalogue covers
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