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Painting and drawing instructor Benjamin Martinez and class
Painting and drawing instructor Benjamin Martinez (seated) and class


In the 1970s, there were only 100 students enrolled at any time, creating a close knit environment for both students and faculty.

The May 1970 commencement was a milestone for the school when twelve students earned their Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees, the first in Swain's history.

Tom Corey, Design instructor
Tom Corey, Design Instructor


Design and Photography workshop critique
Design and Photography workshop critique

Rodman Mansion
Rodman Mansion

The Rodman Mansion, a historic Greek Revival home built in 1833, became headquarters for the Swain School in 1972. The building housed administrative offices, studios and a gallery. Before Swain purchased it, the mansion was home to the Jewish Community Center. These records are also housed in the UMD archives.


The Elm street building which housed the Printing and Sculpture departments
The Elm Street building housed the Printmaking and Sculpture departments.


Interior of the Elm street building, showing the printmaking studio
Interior of the Elm Street building, showing the printmaking studio


John Osborne, printmaking instructor
John Osborne, printmaking instructor


Russell Daly, Chairman of the Sculpture Department
Russell Daly (right), Chairman of the Sculpture Department.


The early 1970s were a turbulent period in American politics. In response to the U.S. invasion of Cambodia and the Kent State Massacre in the Spring of 1970, students canvassed the New Bedford neighborhoods to distribute cards which could be mailed to Senators Kennedy and Brooke, Representative Keith, and President Nixon. Students also staged an Art Show for Peace on the campus lawn.

Swain's library
Swain's Library, housed in the c.1820 Swain "Stable" building.


The stable is now a private residence.

Swain School of Design's curriculum always included liberal arts, offering courses in Western Civilization, Art History and English.

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