Chronology of University Principals, Presidents and Chancellors since 1899

New Bedford Textile School, New Bedford Textile Institute, New Bedford Institute of Textiles and Technology, New Bedford Institute of Technology

Until 1949 the title of President refers to the President of the Board of Trustees. The individual in charge of administration of the school was either the Principal or Managing Director.

After 1949 the President serves as both the head of the school and the head of the Board of Trustees.

Christopher P. Brooks

Managing Director of NBTS, 1899-1904
(resigned as managing director as of March 31, 1904 per Jan. 15, 1904 Executive committee minutes)

Henry W. Nichols

Superintendent, 1904-1912

This change in roles is not mentioned in the trustee records nor is the resignation of Mr. Nichols as superintendent; Nichols becomes head of Designing and Mathematics and then the next year Chief of Instruction

William E. Hatch

President and Managing Director of NBTS, 1912-1922
(letter regarding retirement date attached to May 9, 1922 meeting minutes)
Since 1904 Hatch had been president of the trustees, from which there was no official resignation.

William Smith

Principal of NBTS, 1922-1934
(letter regarding retirement date attached to July 16, 1934 meeting minutes)

Joseph H. Handford

Principal of NBTS, 1934-1936
(vote to elect at the July 16, 1934 meeting)
(vote to dismiss at Sept 17, 1936 meeting)

George Walker

Principal of NBTS, 1936-1949
President of NBTI, 1949-1952
(vote to elect at the Sept. 17, 1936 meeting)
(vote on Feb. 7, 1949 to "reallocate" George Walker from principal to president in order to function at a college level)

John E. Foster

President of NBTI, NBITT and NBTI, 1952-1964
(vote to elect, Sept. 29, 1952 meeting)
Appointed Dean of the School of Engineering and Chancellor or SMTI in 1964.

Bradford Durfee Textile School, Bradford Durfee Technical Institute, Bradford Durfee College of Technology

Joseph W. Bailey

Joseph W. Bailey
Principal of BDTS, 1903-1910
(Voted to elect at June 9, 1903 meeting)

Fenwick Umpleby

Principal of BDTS, 1910-1913
(Voted to elect at Sept. 26, 1910 meeting, effective August 18, 1910)
(Umpleby died suddenly in office Oct. 13, 1913)

Everett B. Durfee

Principal of BDTS,1913-1916
(Appointed "temporarily in charge of the school office until further action by the Board of Directors" at a special meeting called by phone, October 14, 1913)
(Voted to elect him principal Nov. 8, 1913)

William Hopewell

Acting Principal of BDTS, 1916-1917
(Elected to act as principal during a leave of absence by Everett Durfee - see Dec. 21, 1916 meeting)

Henry W. Nichols

Was also Superintendent of NBTS, 1904
Principal of BDTS, 1917 or 1918-1942
(Appointed principal sometime between Feb. 1917 and July 1918 - records are missing)
(Nichols retired in 1942)

Edward V. Carroll

Principal of BDTS, 1942-1944
Died in office, 1944

Leslie Briggs Coombs

Principal of BDTS, then BDTI, 1944-1949
President of BDTI, 1949-1958
President Emeritus 1958
(Education committee voted to recommend appointment July 11, 1944; trustees voted to appoint July 13, 1944)
As of July 1, 1949 the position of principal was re-classed as president to implement "our transition to collegiate standing."

William Joseph Holland

President of BDTI, then BDCT, 1958-1964
Appointed Dean of the School of Business and Industry and Provost of SMTI in 1964.
(Vote to elect May 26, 1958 meeting)

Southeastern Massachusetts Technological Institute, Southeastern Massachusetts University, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Dr. Joseph Leo Driscoll

President of SMTI, then SMU 1962-1971
(Vote to offer position of president Sept. 14, 1962 meeting)
("Retirement" effective 12/31/71 per 1/13/72 meeting)

Dr. Donald Ezzell Walker

President of SMU, 1972-1983
(Effective 8/1/72 per 4/20/72 meeting)
(final day was 9/1/83 per 6/23/83 meeting)

Dr. William Curran Wild, Jr.

President of SMU, 1983-1984
(Voted president 9/1/83 to 8/31/84 per 6/23/83 meeting)

Dr. John Russell Brazil

President of SMU, 1984-1991
Chancellor of UMassD, 1991-1992
(Effective 9/1/84 per 3/28/84 meeting)

Dr. Joseph C. Deck

Interim Chancellor of UMassD, 1992-1993
(Effective January 10, 1992 for a period of not more than 2 years, see Dec. 14, 1991 meeting)

Dr. Peter Hollan Cressy

Chancellor of UMassD, 1993-1999

Dr. Jean MacCormack

Interim Chancellor of UMassD, 1999-2001
Chancellor, 2001-2012

Dr. Divina Grossman

Chancellor of UMassD, July 2012-


Compiled by Judy Farrar, Archives and Special Collections Librarian