Trials and Triumphs: UMass Dartmouth 1960 - 2006 Oral History Project

UMass Dartmouth 1960-2006:  Trials and Triumph, by Fred Gifun tells the story of the university from its creation in 1960 to the present. In telling this story, the project team relied on wide participation from those whose lives have intersected with the evolution of this university.  In the course of their research, 85 individuals were interviewed.  These interviews are available for access through the Archives and Special Collections.  Copies of the book are available in the Claire T. Carney Library (LD3234.M28 G4 2007)


It is also available for purchase in the Campus Bookstore


The following is a list of interviewees:


Naseer Aruri

Alden Counsel

Linus Travers

Robert Bento

Martin Butler

Victor Caliri

John Cipollini

Les Cory

Dave Creamer

Ron DiPippo

Willoughby (Bill) Elliott

John Fitzgerald

Dan Georgianna

Harold Gilmore

Len Gonsalves

Fred Gorczyca

James Griffith

Louise Habicht

Severin Haines

Vern Ingraham

Barbara Jacobskind

Gerard Koot

Ken Langley

Walt Mierzejewski

Dan Murphy

Tom Puryear

Richard Reis

M.C. Rosenfield

John Russell

Normand Sasseville

Joseph Scionti

David L. Smith

Frank Sousa

Edwin Thompson

Howard Tinkham

Rick Walder

Charles White

B. Zvi, John D., Wolf K. – Physics

Administration and Staff

Janet Freedman

Thomas Mulvey

Cathy Sullivan

Bob Archer

Lee Blake

Jane Booth and Kathy Grandmaison

Jim Costa

Susan Costa

Gerald Coutinho

Tom Curry

Cecelia Denwood and A. Chekaris

Robert Dowd

James Feely and Manny Pereira

Janice Fiola

Paul Fistori

Jim Flanagan

Fran Gordon

Ginny Hadley

Kevin Hill

William Hogan

Donald Howard

Mike Mahoney

Joyce Passos

Joseph Sauro

Greg Stone

Roger Tache

Paul Vigeant

Richard Ward


Byron Ford

Paul Geoghegan

Cathy Gleason

Claudia (Robitaille) Grace

Brian Helgeland

Mark Montigny

June Roche

Don Solmon

Richard Stone

Trustees and Significant Others

Claire Carney

M. Dukakis, Don Walker

Jim and __ Giblin

Grattan Gill

David Greer

George Jacobs

Robert Karam

Donald King and son

Bud Lefebvre

Biff MacLean