UMass Dartmouth History and the Modern University, 1960 - Present


In 1960 Southeastern Massachusetts Institute of Technology (SMTI) was created (Acts of 1960, Chapter 543, July 7, 1960) to prepare for the consolidation of the New Bedford Institute of Technology and Bradford Durfee College of Technology of Fall River.  Separate boards of trustees and separate campuses remained under their own names until final consolidation on July 1, 1964 (Acts of 1964, Chapter 495, June 10, 1964).  In 1969 SMTI was renamed Southeastern Massachusetts University (SMU) by the General Court of Massachusetts (Acts of 1969, Chapter 396, June 8, 1969).  SMU joined the 5-campus system of the University of Massachusetts in 1990; it is now known as the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.


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