UMD Publications (Newspapers, Magazines and Newsletters)

Historical Index to The Torch and Other University Publications

The Torch is UMass Dartmouth’s student newspaper. It has been published weekly during the fall and spring academic terms since 1965. It was known in its first years as the SMTI Torch, and later as the SMU Torch. This index covers the years 1965 to the present.  These newspaper resources offer insight into issues of concern on campus, offer differing points of view, or simply supply us with more detailed information on student activities, sports,  faculty, and administrators. 

Student Newspapers before the Torch

Available by request in the archives

Distaff (BDTI), 1947-1957 (student) Hexagon

The Technolog (BDTI), 1958-1964 (student)

Tech Talker and its shorter title, The Talker (BDTI), 1959-1964 (student)

Tech Talk (NBIT), 1954-1964 (student)

The Tech (NBIT), 1964 (student)

SMU News, 1970-1971 (student)

The Talker (SMTI), 1964-1969 (student)

UMD Publications – College, Departmental and Center Newsletters

Departmental newsletters have been collected for permanent deposit in the archives.  These are arranged alphabetically by title.  Current newsletters in electronic and/or paper form are collected regardless of format.  These are gradually  being digitized and added to the Torch/UMD Publications index.  Please contact the archives for access to publications and if you are not finding information on your topic. There are undoubtedly many ways to find the information.

University Publications Title List

Newspaper Clipping Collections

The Archives and Special Collections also retains an extensive set of newspaper clippings from local papers containing articles about the university.  These have been kept since the early days and are now received by the Office of Public Affairs electronically.  Although early ones are indexed, you should know the date, or approximate date, of the article you are looking for, since they are maintained chronologically.  Please contact the archivist for assistance, and if necessary, access to the original clippings.  These are not digitized.  Holdings include: 

URC 18                   New Bedford Institute of Technology, Newspaper Clippings, 1902-1964

URC 23                   Bradford Durfee Textile School, newspaper Clippings, 1910-1948

URC 24                   Office of New and Public Iformation, Recrods, 1965-present