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Cambridge Structural Database (CSD)

The CSD is a repository of small-molecule organic and metal-organic crystal structures. Containing the results of over half-a-million x-ray and neutron diffraction analyses this is a unique database of accurate 3D structures.  CSD provides a comprehensive and retrospective coverage of the published literature. The CSD is continually updated with new structures and with improvements to existing entries. The CSD System also comprises software for database access, structure visualization and data analysis, and structural knowledge bases derived from the CSD.

There are two methods for accessing the Cambridge Structural Database System (CSDS):

1. WebCSD (Cambridge Structural Database/CSD)  - This the CSD web-based version available here and on the library’s Articles & Databases web page.

2. Local Computer Install Version - Install the CSD program (database, software and additional components) on your local UMassD computer. Additional features are available via this client software. Use the Request Form Link below to receive more CSD information and specific information and links for downloading the appropriate CSD program components.

NOTE: Not all program components are available for all computer operating systems. See the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre site for more information about these program components. Please be aware that the complete packages are multiple Gigabytes in size. You will need the UMassD site and UMassD confirmation codes to register the product after it is installed and for the quarterly updates issued by Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre.


The Cambridge Structural Database System (CSDS) is provided as a service by the Claire T. Carney Library to faculty, researchers and students at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. The license of this application stipulates that its use be restricted to members of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth community. If you are a researcher or student at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, you may access the database and use the accompanying software.

Excerpts from the full license agreement include (but are not limited to):

  • The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth is licensed to use the CSD and/or the CSD System subject to the following conditions:
  • This License is limited exclusively to the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth that may not assign or sublease the same.
  • Access to the CSD and CSD System shall be limited to faculty, students and staff of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and visiting academic workers only at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.
  • The CSD and the CSD System shall not be used in conjunction with any consulting or joint project with any non-academic organization without prior written permission of the CCDC. Academic organizations are defined as not-for-profit, or charitable organizations, supported by private, charitable or Government funding, whose staff may freely publish the results of scientific research through the normal academic channels.
  • The CSD and CSD System (including downloaded data, manuals, results and printed products) shall be used exclusively for the purpose of scientific teaching and research. The results of such research may be published through the normal academic channels, subject to the inclusion of a proper acknowledgement to the CCDC.
  • The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth shall take every reasonable precaution to ensure that data held in the CSD or information derived or obtained from, or by the use of, the CSD or the CSD System is not (whether separately or in combination with other material) distributed or otherwise exploited (except through the product of scientific research as aforesaid) on a commercial or for-profit basis whether in printed, photographic, computer-readable or other form, without prior written permission from the CCDC. This restriction applies in particular, but not exclusively, to data compilations, educational aids, fragment libraries and software systems.
  • The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth may develop, for its own use, software systems based on the CSD or the CSD System or subfiles derived thereof. External distribution of such systems requires prior written permission of the CCDC.
  • The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth shall not copy (including indirectly) the CSD or CSD System or the documentation supplied in whole or in part or in any form whatsoever, whether machine readable or not, except for the purpose of generating backup copies.
  • The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth shall take every reasonable precaution to ensure that all persons permitted by the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth to have access to the CSD or CSD System shall comply with the conditions of this Agreement and shall take every reasonable precaution to ensure that the license conditions are adhered to.

Use of the CSD system and related account are subject to all terms of the University of Massachusetts "Responsible/Acceptable Use of Computing Services" policy.