Government Documents: Collections & Access


The University Library has been a selective depository library for United States government publications since 1965. This means that the library is constantly receiving official documents--in paper and electronic formats--from hundreds of agencies in all branches of the federal government. Examples include: hearings of the House and Senate; reports from the Environmental Protection Agency; statistical publications from the Bureau of the Census and the Department of Labor.

The Government Document Collections (paper and electronic) are all available for use by university community and the general public. Borrowing policies for documents are same as those for our other materials. See University Library Borrowing Policy.

The collection is merged within the general collection. Topographic maps and nautical charts are shelved on the third floor. Documents can be found using the Primo Library Search system. - "the official U.S. gateway to all government information, is the catalyst for a growing electronic government. Our work transcends the traditional boundaries of government and our vision is global - connecting the world to all U.S. government information and services."

The U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) makes federal publications available over the FEDsys Federal Digital System. The GPO FEDsys provides links to the Federal Register, Congressional Record, and bills before Congress, for example.

Massachusetts Seal Mass.Gov is the Massachusetts state government portal site for links to a wide range of current Massachusetts state information and publications. image and link to

FEDsys Image and link to FEDsys 
FEDsys - Federal Digital System

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U.S. Government Publishing Office

 - provides organized links to federal, state and local government sites