Library of Congress Classification: A Brief Outline

A General Works
AE Encyclopedias
AP Periodicals (general)

B Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
B History & systems of philosophy
BC Logic 
BF Psychology
BL-BX Religions, mythology, rationalism

C Auxiliary Sciences of History
CB History of civilization & culture
CS Genealogy
CT Biography (General)

D History – General, Eastern Hemisphere
DA Great Britain
DB Austria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary
DC France
DD Germany 
DE Mediterranean, Greco-Roman world 
DF Greece 
DG Italy
DK Russia 
DP Spain, Portugal
DR Eastern Europe, Turkey
DS Asia 
DT Africa

E, F History - Western Hemisphere
E America (General), U.S.

F1-975 U.S. local history
F1001-1140 Canada 
F1201-1392 Mexico 
F1401-3799 Central & South America, Caribbean

G Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
G Atlases, globes, maps
GB Physical geography 
GN Anthropology
GR Folklore 
GV Dance, recreation, leisure, sports

H Social Sciences and Business
HA Statistics
HB-HJ Economics 
HC-HD Economic history & conditions
HF Commerce
HG Finance 
HJ Public finance
HM Sociology
HN Social history 
HQ Women's studies, family, marriage, home 
HV Social problems, Crime
HX Socialism, communism, anarchy

J Political Science
JF Constitutional history & administration 
JK U.S. constitutional history
JN European politics & government
JS Local government 
JX International law, international relations, diplomacy

K Law
KF Law U.S.

L Education
LA History of education 
LB Theory & practice of education
LC Social aspects of education 
LD Individual U.S. institutions
LG Individual institutions by country
LH College & school publications

M Music
M Musical works, scores
ML Literature of music
MT Music instruction & study



N Fine Arts
N Visual arts (general)
N 61 Theory, philosophy, aesthetics 
NA Architecture
NB Sculpture
NC Drawing, design, illustration, commercial art
ND Painting
NE Print media 
NK Decorative & applied arts
NX Arts in general (visual & performing arts)

P Language and Literature
P Philology & Linguistics 
PA Classical languages & literature (Greek & Latin)
PC Romance languages (French, Italian, & Spanish)
PD Old Germanic & Scandinavian languages
PE English language
PF German, Dutch, Flemish languages
PG Slavic languages & literature
PL East Asian, African, & Oceanic languages & literatures
PN Literature, literary history & criticism, Theatre, journalism, film, television, motion pictures
PN 1010 Poetry
PN 1600 Drama
PN 4699 Journalism
PN 6099 Poetry collections
PN6110.5 Drama collections
PN 6121 Oration collections
PQ Romance literatures
PR English literature
PS American literature
PT Germanic literatures

Q Science & Mathematics
QA Mathematics
QA75.5-76 Computer science
QB Astronomy
QC Physics
QD Chemistry
QE Geology
QH Natural history, biology (general)
QK Botany
QL Zoology 
QM Human anatomy
QP Physiology
QR Microbiology 

R Medicine
RA Public health, environmental health
RB Pathology
RC Internal medicine
RC 300-500 Psychiatry
RT Nursing

S Agriculture
Plant cultivation
SD Forestry
SF Animan culture
SH Fishing

T Technology
T Occupational safety & health
T Mechanical drawing, CAD 
TA Engineering (General), civil engineering
TD Environmental technology
TH Building construction, air conditioning, fire prevention
TJ Mechanical engineering & machinery, tools
TK Electrical engineering, electronics
TR Photography
TS Welding
TT Hairdressing, cosmetology, fashion
TX Nutrition, cookery 

U-V Military & Naval Science
VM Boats & boating

Z Library Science & Bibliography
Z Graphic arts, typography