Other Sites of Interest for Researchers

The following websites may be of interest and/or assistance to those wishing to conduct further research on the experience of Portuguese immigrants and their descendants in the United States.

Brazil on the Latin American Newtork Information Center (LANIC)

A website sponsored by the University of Texas Austin which provides extensive links to a wide variety of groups, associations, institutions and businesses in Brazil that are of possible interest to academics.

Camões - Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua, I. P. (Site is in Portuguese)

Amongst the varied goals of the mission of the Instituto de Camões, is to coordinate and faciliate cooperation and activities that allow for the disimination and teaching of the Portuguese language in foreign countries.
Centro de Conhecimentos dos Açores (Site and resources are in Portuguese)

Includes a digital library, genealogical, image and audio resources, the Enciclopédia Açoriana and more resources all related to the Azores.

Centro Nacional de Cultura

CNC’s main objectives are to promote, defend, disseminate and register Portuguese cultural heritage, promote “cultural tourism” based on an integrated idea of tourism, environment, heritage and cultural itineraries, and to educate the younger generations on a feeling of global citizenship.

Comunidade dos Paises de Lingua Portuguesa (CPLP) (Site is in Portuguese)

The CPLP is a multilateral forum that fosters and encourages cooperation and partnership between the countries who have Portuguese as one of their official languages.


EUROPA is the portal site of the European Union.

Museu da Emigração Açoriana (Limited content available in English, all resources are in Portuguese)

This museum documents the history of Azorean immigrants and the communities where they settled.

Museu das Migrações e das Comunidades (Site is in Portuguese)

The museum documents the history of Portuguese immigration, with a focus on individuals from mainland Portugal, and the communities where they settled. The Museum does not have a website, however, it posts reguarly to its Facebook page.

Pão e Vinho sobre a Mesa research project

The project explored the mobility of cultural practices and the construction of Portuguese identity through a detailed examination of food cultures and practices in the Portuguese-American communities of New Bedford and Fall River, Massachusetts, USA.