Research Poster Templates

UMass Dartmouth Research Poster Templates & FAQ


Below you will find the UMass Dartmouth Research Poster Templates as well as a FAQ on our printing services as they apply to Research Posters.


Download the appropriate template, for your research poster, below.

Choose the standard UMass Dartmouth template ("UMass" footer) or, if you prefer, the one specific to your college (footer specifies college name and URL).


Once your file is ready for printing, you may submit your request via our Research Poster Request Form


Layout Tips

Each template contains multiple layout options. To change the layout, from the "Home" tab, click "layout". Choose from the various layout options which vary by header/logo colors, logo/title position and number of columns. You also have the option to choose a preformatted version of the selected layout or a blank version. It is recommended you select the preformatted option if you are a beginner PowerPoint user. It is also highly recommended that you choose your layout before inserting your content. 



Right click the preferred link below and select "save link as" or "save target as".

(If you are having trouble downloading the proper file, you may need to update your browser.)


36"H x 48"W
















36"H x 56"W
42"H x 56"W
40"H x 30"W
44"H x 44"W


Research Poster Printing FAQ


How long does it take to print my poster?

Generally, the turn around time is 1 to 2 business days. If you are on a tight schedule it would be best to contact PhotoGraphics, to find out how quickly we can get your poster printed. Usually we can find a way to accommodate you within reason, but it's quite possible we may have to suggest an off-campus print option.


How large of a poster can you print?

We can print up to 44" on one side. In other words, either the height or width of your poster must be 44" or less. The other dimension can be any dimesnion up to 100ft. All of the poster templates available above, are within our print size limitations.


How do I submit my Research Poster for printing?

You can submit your poster file for printing through the Research Poster Request Form


What type of paper will my poster be printed on?

We have two types of paper available, glossy & matte. Since most clients prefer the glossy paper for their research poster, if you have not specified a paper type, it will be printed on glossy paper. Both the glossy and matte paper are archival.


How much will it cost to print my poster?

Our current cost for printing is $3.25 per sq/ft for matte paper and $3.50 per sq/ft for glossy paper. For example, a 36 in. x 48 in. (or 3 ft x 4 ft.) poster, on glossy, would cost $42. These rates are subject to change. If you are concerned with the cost, please contact PhotoGraphics to obtain a quote.


Do you provide poster tubes?

Yes, we do provide poster tubes for an additional cost of $3 per tube. This cost is subject to change.


How can I pay for my poster?

If your poster is being paid for through University/Grant funds, we will supply you with a chargeback form. If you are paying for the poster personally, we can accept a check made out to "UMD" or exact cash (we cannot provide change). Payment for your poster must be submitted at time of pickup.


If you have any other questions please contact PhotoGraphics