Preferred Name Request

Library staff are committed to helping our students, faculty, staff, and visitors feel comfortable and welcome. We invite interested individuals to submit preferred names for use in our library services platform. 

Submit a Preferred Name

(Alternatively, you can request a preferred name by emailing from your address. Be sure to include your UMass Pass ID Number, your preferred first name, and your preferred last name.)

About the Library's Use of Preferred Names: 

Preferred Name: A preferred name is the name someone chooses to use in place of a legal name. UMass Dartmouth library patrons can opt to use a preferred name that differs from their legal name. 

Library Use of a Preferred Name: Upon request, library staff will enter a person's preferred name in our library services platform. This will affect automated notifications (e.g., Borrowing Activity Letters, Overdue Notices, etc.). When available, a preferred name will appear on library notifications in place of a legal name. Note: Providing the library with a preferred name will not affect non-library systems such as COIN and UMass Pass. 

How to Request that Library use a Preferred Name: UMass Dartmouth faculty, staff, and students should email This is the email address for our Circulation Desk staff. Be sure to include the following information:

  • UMass Pass ID Number
  • Preferred First Name
  • Preferred Last Name

The request must be sent from an address. 

If you have questions, please contact the Circulation Desk by emailing or calling 508-999-8750.