Data Management Plan Development Service

Data Management Planning DiscussionData Management Plan Development Service

The library, as a member of the collaborative University Data Management Planning Group, is pleased to offer consultation services to assist you in creating a data management plan that meets the requirements of your grant funders or to refer you to other appropriate university services that may help you help you assess your data management needs. Please contact us to discuss your project and we'll help you develop a solution that fits your requirements.

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Start with our guides for data management and research funding:

  • Data Management - the place to start for data management planning guidance and information on university resources & services.
  • Research Funding Opportunities - The UMassD Office of Research Administration guide to finding resources & assistance in getting funding for research.

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Data Management Plan Development

A data management plan is a document outlining how a researcher plans to manage data during and after a research project including how it will be organized, maintained, shared and preserved. The university has joined other universities as a participating member in the use of DMPTool. The UMassD configuration of DMPTool will take you step-by-step through the requirements for each of the most common funder's planning requirements and once you finish will provide you an exportable data management plan.  

Because UMassD is a participating institution, after selecting the login button, please choose UMass Dartmouth from the DMPTool menu options, and create an account.* Take a look at DMPTool, but don't forget to log in as a UMass Dartmouth Researcher! DMPTool is reconfigured to accept your UMassD account information for logging in.

Data Storage Assessment Planning

To further aid in the development of your plan and help the university support your future data requirement please also complete the UMassD Computer & Information Technology Services (CITS) Data Storage Needs Assessment Form. Filling out this form is crucial to CITS helping you to determine the best solution to your needs.