Reserve Group Study Rooms At The Library

Students may reserve the library's group study rooms and Mediascape areas through the library's study room reservation system

The rooms are ideal for traditional study groups or team projects. The Mediascape areas are intended for students looking to share monitors among multiple laptops. Please note, the Mediascape areas are not rooms: they are in the open. 

Please read our policies below:

  • Students in groups of three or more may reserve group study rooms.
  • Students in groups of two or more may reserve Mediascape rooms.
  • Each UMassD student may reserve space for up to three hours a week.
  • Students may reserve spaces up to two weeks in advance.
  • Groups with reservations have priority. Those using the room without reservations must vacate the space if a group arrives with a reservation. 
  • These rooms are available only when the library is open.
  • The library group study and Mediascape rooms are only reservable by UMassD students.
  • The Library reserves the right to cancel reservations or block users from creating reservations at any time due to failure to adhere to the above policies.


Questions?  Please feel free to email: